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Snap Inc. Intern Program, Snap Up, Snap Academies

Real Impact, Real Relationships, Real Fun. 

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, is all about enhancing real relationships between friends, family, and the world—a mission that applies to both our products and our culture.

Whether you’re just starting your career journey or making a shift, Snap Inc. is a one-of-a-kind launchpad that will take you further than you thought possible. 

We are a diverse team of designers, engineers, marketers, brand strategists, and so much more—all working together to create an environment that fosters individual and collective creativity, growth, innovation, and most of all fun. From our bright and open offices to our vibrant culture—we strive to make every day at Snap feel fresh and exciting.

Learn more about all of our early career opportunities, including our internship program, below!

Internships at Snap

Our internship program invites students to work alongside some of the brightest in their field to tackle emerging challenges with cutting-edge technology. Interns are encouraged to make a real impact here at Snap — so you’ll be placed on a meaningful project right away, inspired to expand your skill set, and see the results of your work go live!

Snap Academies

Further develop your skills in Design, Engineering, Branding/Communications/Marketing, or Augmented Reality with the support of Snap team members! If you’re a community college student and are passionate about learning, then we’re talking to you!

Snap Up

Launched in 2019, the Snap Up Program is our new grad rotational software engineering program that is designed to bridge the opportunity gap for upcoming college grads with limited to no relevant intern work experience.

New hires joining Snap Up start as full-time Software Engineer Apprentices and participate in three rotations during the program, spending three-four months on different teams across the Core Engineering, Camera Platform and Generative ML Platform organizations. 

By providing the opportunity for apprentices to work on impactful projects and gain hands-on industry experience, this program will help bring them up to speed with the leveling expectations of the next level of Software Engineer.

How We Interview

The Snap Up interview process is a two step process:

  • First Round: One hour video interview hosted on Google Hangouts conducted through CodePair HackerRank. You will be mainly assessed for a baseline of functional skills and the following competencies:

  • Coachability & appetite to learn

  • Core algorithms and coding proficiency

  • Data structure manipulation and usage

  • Debugging & testing

Final Round: The onsite interview is a single project that you’ll be given four hours to complete. Snap engineers will rotate through the interview to provide tips and answer any questions you have!